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SHT Patch 1

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Premier patch disponible

Date de sortie : 23/10/2018

Premier patch disponible depuis la sortie du jeu et pesant 1.8 Go, cette mise à jour fait suite à 10 jours de bêta tests. Elle vise à rééquilibrer l’IA, notamment dans le mode campagne et sur le “blocage” des Genestealers quand les Spaces Marines se plaçaient en mode vigilance (Overwatch). Quelques améliorations, notamment sur la visibilité, sont également au programme.


Change log

AI Improvements

  • Fixed a case where Terminators would block each other when trying to access a console
  • Improved Terminator AI handling of Door-Console links
  • Terminator AI is now less prone to kill its own teammates when burning a room
  • Fixed a case of Heavy flamer not moving toward the room to flame
  • Terminator AI now handles multiple flame room objectives
  • Fixed the Terminator AI trying to block corridors that the Genestealers can’t access in 1 turn
  • Fixed the Terminator AI not knowing when a Genestealer spawn is blocked
  • Fixed a case of Terminator AI getting stuck after completing part of an objective
  • Fixed a case of Terminator AI getting stuck after recovering the servo-skull
  • Genestealer AI now tries to overrun Assault Cannons with limited ammunition
  • Genestealer AI is now more prone to send Genestealers into suicide attacks if it has reserves
  • Genestealer AI now takes more risks regarding Overwatch fire


  • Added more campaign horde maps (9->20)
  • Played horde maps are now excluded from the list until they have all been played
  • Rebalanced all Leaderboard ranks
  • Added a confirmation popup when exiting squad customisation without saving
  • Added a Heal icon on the ground to show the Apothecary’s medical assistance area of effect
  • Improved the Overwatch ground icon display for squares covered by both turret and Terminator Overwatch
  • Added a floor icon for “the next frontal attacker is killed” card
  • Added the option to disable motion blur
  • Added the option to toggle off subtitles during cinematics
  • Added a slider to change camera scrolling speed
  • Improved sound effects throughout the game
  • Improved card UI
  • Improved objectives display
  • Improved dice display in the log
  • Added a log entry for Jamming and Unjamming
  • Added a log entry for Healing attempts
  • Improved the display of “Neurotoxin” special rule in unit details
  • Re-added links between doors and consoles on Berathius
  • Slightly improved automatic camera movement
  • Added a cinematic at the end of Genestealer Mission 3
  • Fixed some wrong rewards in Terminator Campaign events

Balancing Changes

  • The “Slash” special attack and Medical assistance area of effect no longer requires line of sight (always affect the 3 frontal squares)
  • The Axe Channeling ability description now properly reflects its “until next turn” duration
  • The Hammer and Shield ability descriptions now properly reflect that they are used in frontal melee only
  • The Frenzy card descriptions now reflect that it can’t be used on Biomorphs
  • Removed the No Bluff Special Rule from Eratrius local file
  • Added Limited Blips Special Rule to Osulas local file


  • Fixed the number of remaining AP when a unit opens a door while moving
  • Fixed the number of remaining Assault Cannon munitions while a unit is in Overwatch
  • Fixed a case where moving and shooting would consume extra APs.
  • Fixed the “Next melee is a success” cards not working during the opponent’s turn
  • Fixed “+2CP per kill” cards giving only +1CP
  • Fixed being able to shoot at a blip if overwatching the spawn
  • Fixed a case of victory not being properly registered if a player exited too fast
  • Fixed the “Average time per turn” not working properly
  • Fixed a case of “Class Restriction” special rule not working
  • Fixed the turret firing animations not starting at the right time
  • Fixed various cases of UI not refreshing immediately
  • Fixed resource points (PP/Ammo) UI not refreshing immediately
  • Fixed blip value not refreshing immediately after changing it with a card
  • Fixed card UI not refreshing properly when drawing cards mid turn
  • Fixed a graphical glitch related to Orkish fungi
  • Fixed Terminator portraits not being reloaded properly
  • Fixed the base Genestealer customisation not being updated in real time
  • Fixed emblems and patterns on lightning claws
  • Fixed missing masks in Dark Angels customization
  • Fixed a graphical glitch blood angel plasma customization
  • Fixed a case of wrong cinematics being played during overwatch fire
  • Improved consistency in log text
  • Fixed missing text in unit details after using a “Next shot is a success” card
  • Fixed a missing icon in the log when playing the “place a rubble” card
  • Fixed being able to display the log or unit details with the extended map
  • Fixed audio glitches in campaign cinematics
  • Fixed Idle sounds still playing after exiting the campaign squad manager
  • Fixed the additionnal spawn in Terminator Campaign Chapter I not having the proper visuals
  • Fixed a graphical glitch during Genestealer Mission 2 intro cinematic
  • Fixed missing dialogues in Genestealer Mission 5 and 6
  • Fixed missing dialogues in Terminator Mission 12
  • Removed an obsolete dialogue in Terminator Mission 9 introduction
  • Fixed various typos and text mistakes throughout the game
  • Fixed a crash related to the AI
  • Fixed a crash on “flame the room” maps
  • Fixed a crash when using ALT+F4
  • Fixed a case of crash during multiplayer games
  • Fixed various other crashes


  • Cases where the Terminator AI may not put itself in Overwatch, even when in direct danger
  • Genestealer biomorphs start a draw animation when killed in melee



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