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SHT Patch 1 Beta

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Premier Patch disponible pour la beta

Alors que la Beta du jeu est disponible depuis le 25 septembre dernier, le premier Patch de cette Beta de Space Hulk Tactics est sorti ce jour. Vous trouverez le patch note ci-dessous. On notera une réduction et modifications des règles concernant 3 cartes officielles disponibles en mode escarmouche : Osulas, Eratrius et Darakin ainsi qu’un nombre conséquent de correctifs de bugs.

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Patch note

Gameplay balance:

  • One additional action point for every card when converted
  • Terminator AI updated on Khitor
  • Rebalancing the level design of maps.
    • Osulas – Reducing the spawn ability considering the “Limited blips” rule.
    • Eratrius – Removing the “No bluff” rule (a 26% decrease in the number of Genestealers)
    • Darakin – Removing the “Countless” rule (a 50% decrease in the number of Genestealers)

Winrate system:

Old System

  • Percentages shown in the winrate system would include every game played (against AI, games left after only two turns, even disconnections).

New System

  • Reset the winrate percentage using a new algorithm to be closer to real records.
  • The winrate will now only take PvP maps, ranked matches and skirmish into account.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur at launch
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the card Persistence (+4 AP on a pawn) from activating
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with emblems on Powerfists
  • Fixed an issue with missing icons in the log when using the warp bubble
  • Fixed a case where Genestealers would spawn with Terminator customization elements
  • Fixed a missing animation when a Reaperfex or Bulwark attacking a Terminator would result is a draw
  • Tweaked visuals on the disengage Genestealer botton
  • Polished log texts
  • Added feedback on the Genestealers affected by the Neurotoxin special rule
  • The card Feeding Frenzy (+2 dice to a genestealer, then die) now clearly states that it cannot be activated on Biomorphic Genestealers
  • Added transparency to overwatch overlay
  • Improved Terminator AI
  • Fixed several issues that would lead to crashes
  • Fixed typos in various texts and languages

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